About Pierce Alexander Lilholt

Pierce Alexander Lilholt is a visionary leader, serving as CEO to five internationally diversified corporations. As a serial entrepreneur, Pierce began his journey in 2007 with the founding of his first company. Today, he owns and oversees five companies, each with numerous subdivisions, reflecting his expansive and dynamic approach to business.

Operating on a global scale, Pierce maintains his home base in Riverton, New Jersey, from where he directs his international ventures. His approach to business is characterized by innovative thinking that goes beyond conventional boundaries. When it comes to thinking outside of the box, for Pierce, there is no box—only endless possibilities.

Pierce Alexander Lilholt embodies the values of truth, trust, transparency, creativity, and fun. His commitment to these principles drives his professional interactions and strategic decisions. Throughout his career, Pierce has collaborated with a wide array of companies and professionals, forging partnerships that are both impactful and memorable.

Pierce’s journey is a testament to the "Go Hard" philosophy—relentlessly pursuing excellence, innovating fearlessly, and living life with intensity and passion. His experiences and achievements continue to inspire and shape the future of his industry.